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"The experience and knowledge exhibited from your employees gave me confidence in Morgan-Keller from the beginning.  Adam Gerhart was the first person I met and he did a wonderful job of keeping me informed and grounded, while sensing my urgency to move quickly with this project.   When I met with Jack Little and the contractors, Jack looked at the sanctuary and visualized a plan of attack explaining everything as we talked in his self-confident manner. Caglar Guvenir was the superintendent and the right person for the job. He was very safety minded, especially when considering the bowed beams.  When our engineer stopped progress for two days, Caglar wasn’t rattled.  He had an eye for detail, wanted the job done right and kept us informed through the process." 

"I cannot thank Morgan-Keller enough for the expeditious manner in which your company tackled this project.  I was awed when you brought in all the sub-contractors in such a short time.  Your team was well organized and lived up to your motto of “Our Reputation Is Building Every Day”. 

Pat Short
Christ United Methodist Church

“Morgan-Keller has been very professional, providing more information than not most of the time.  Most Morgan-Keller guys are very client oriented and I have been very happy with all projects that Morgan-Kelller has worked on.  Just to give you an example of how happy my team is with Morgan-Keller's team, one of my branch managers emailed me to rant and rave about the quality of work and stated he couldn't believe how quiet Morgan-Keller's team worked while the branch remained open. He stated that you cannot tell there was ever a hole in the wall.  He is very ecstatic about the work and cannot wait to get the ATM in.”

Thank you so much!

Ralph Letts
Navy Federal Credit Union

“Morgan-Keller has been right there for me and come to my rescue many times.  They are always professional and a life saver”.

Sharon Richmond

“Morgan-Keller has been very professional in every project they have worked on for me”. 

Roberto Argueta
Capital One

“Everything Morgan-Keller has done has been excellent and the communication has been top notch. I’ve worked with Morgan-Keller through different companies and have been extremely satisfied with every project”.

Charlene Wyman
Citi Reality Services

"I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude and appreciation once again to you for your responsiveness and professional approach on my project.  As you know, I was on site at this branch for the closing activities and restoration work.  Your field staff is phenomenal.  These gentlemen, began their scope of work immediately after close of business and moved diligently through their tasks without stopping.  As I was leaving the building upon completion, I observed the field staff walking around to the exterior one more time to review the exterior restoration and put a “finishing touch” on the work.  I will gladly welcome them on any project I have.  Thank you and your firm again for the professional, high quality standard you have set forth."

Anjie Chapman
CBRE | Global Workplace Solutions

“I have worked with Kevin Contardi and Jack Little of Morgan-Keller for several years and found both to be very knowledgeable as well as very professional. Recently I had the pleasure of working with Rich Rademacher who as well is very knowledgeable and very professional. Morgan Keller’s performance has always been excellent and they understand the importance of customer satisfaction.”

Brian K. Kleinsmith
Jones Lang LaSalle

“I can’t even begin to tell Morgan Keller how thankful I am to have Morgan Keller as our CBRE Partner.  YOU ARE AWESOME.   Thank you for all your hard work.

Faye Darden
Global Workplace Solutions

“I have successfully used Morgan Keller since 2002 ranging from large construction projects to small service/repair orders at Wells Fargo, and many types of work in between.  Regardless of scope and complexity, I have found MK to be diligent in performing work the right way, the first time.  On those rare occasions where follow up has been needed, they have resolved the situation quickly, and always stand behind their work. Regardless of whom I have worked with at MK, they are professionals in every sense of the work, and also a pleasure to work with.”

Mark Franceschina
Wells Fargo